Fairbanks Morse Pumps

Centrifugal Water and Wastewater Pumps

Fairbanks Morse manufactures distinctive pumping equipment, machined, built and tested by pumping personnel of the highest skill. Centrifugal pumping equipment including submersible sewage thru 24″ discharge; vertical turbine solids handling; solids handling in horizontal, vertical and self-prime configurations; horizontal split case; vertical turbine and vertical propeller. Fairbanks Morse has a commitment to excellence, resulting in the highest pump quality, dependability and innovation.

History of Pump InnovationFairbanks Morse manufactured the first approved centrifugal fire pump. The first bladeless impeller solids-handling design. The first commercially successful 4″ submersible water systems pump. A new concept in solids and slurry handling, the VTSH® pump. From the industrial revolution forward, Fairbanks Morse innovations have provided some of the best pumps on the planet.

Custom PumpsFairbanks Morse can customize standard 2400, 5400 and 5700 solids-handling pumps, split case, vertical turbine, propeller and VTSH® pumps to accommodate very specialized needs, including storm water and flood control, low head situations, immersible equipment and more.

Efficient PumpsStrength in engineering at Fairbanks Morse have led to the development of components which can offer higher efficiencies and superior wear than standard equipment. Such developments include the TurboFree®Elbow and Grit Shield.