Cornell Pump

Centrifugal Water and Wastewater Pumps

End suction high efficiency centrifugal non-clog and Delta design pumps available in close coupled, frame mount, vertical mount, sump pump, submersible and engine mount.
Cornell manufactures low cost of ownership pumps with longer-than-normal service life. The pumps have a track record of pumping effciency, durability and economy that justify the initial investment.

Cornell Solids Handling PumpsCornell solids-handling pumps for wastewater, sludge, sewer systems, stringy material, de-watering, abraisive transfer and other municipal applications. Available with Cornell’s Delta™ impeller, enclosed and chopper impellers with discharge from 3 to 30 inches, heads up to 470 feet TDH and flow rates up to 38,000GPM.

Cornell Delta Impeller PumpsThe trailing edges of Cornell’s Delta™ impeller vanes extend continuously across the pump’s suction entrance to reduce low pressure areas. Two distinct vortices are created which pass solids easily through the impeller. The absence of sharp impeller edges prevents hang up of stringy materials.

Cornell Submersible PumpsCornell uses the same high efficincy pump ends for submersibles and have been proven time and time again in municipal applications. Coupled with the highest quality motors, Cornell’s submersible line provides fantastic value.