Vaughan Pumps

Centrifugal Chopper Pumps

For over 50 years, Vaughan has been the market leader in manufacturing chopper pumps, solving today’s toughest solids-pumping problems. With almost 25,000 units in service, the Vaughan® Chopper Pump has not only proven its value in problem solving, but also established itself as the reliable alternative to conventional pumping.

Pump Chopping ActionVaughan’s patented chopping action significantly reduces downtime by not only eliminating clogging problems, but also reducing downstream issues with solids. The built-in chopping design also eliminates the need for a grinder or comminutor to condition solids prior to pumping. The elimination of clogging issues means less manpower wasted unclogging pumps. All Vaughan chopper pumps are available with a written non-clog guarantee, which is your assurance of clog-free operation.

Hardened Wear ComponentsAll of the wear components in the pump are either cast or plate steel, heat treated to minimum 60 Rockwell C Hardness. Compared to standard gray iron, these materials are 4-times harder, which increases exponentially to a wear factor of up to 16 times. Vaughan has years of experience in developing castings with the strength to withstand impact, with the hardness to withstand abrasion. The development of these hardened materials has actually reduced Vaughan’s parts orders, a direct indicator of parts longivity. Longer wear life means less replacement parts required over the 20-year life expectancy of the pump.

Pump Industry ExperienceOnly Vaughan has the long-term field experience of over 25,000 chopper pumps in service over a 45 year history. 32 patents cover a wide range of design features specifically focused on efficiency and dependability. Only Vaughan offers a written Non-Clog Performance Guarantee – your assurance of truly dependable operation. Experience may not provide a quantitative value in LCC evaluation; however, the assurance of knowing there is a history behind a product must play an intangible part in the process.