Knoll Pumps

Knoll Progressive Cavity Pumps

KNOLL is one of the leading suppliers of high pressure, progressive cavity pumps, conveying and filter systems for chips and cooling lubricants in the metal processing industry. The comprehensive range of progressive cavity pumps allows for the set up complete systems and provide system solutions with central or local functions. KNOLL has striven for Innovation, Progress and Growth since its founding in 1970.
BBC Pump proudly represents Knoll progressive cavity pumps in Indiana.

Range of Pump ApplicationKNOLL always focuses its efforts on addressing the needs of customers. Standard systems can be adapted to create custom-designed and co-ordinated systems in three configurations: machine-integrated, add-on or centralised.

High Pressure Pump InnovationIn 1992, Knoll designed and started manufacturing a high-pressure coolant pump with an innovative design and advanced component technology. The advanced pump component technology was superior wear surfaces for pumping machine tool coolant fluids containing metal fines. Mechanical wear is almost eliminated while internal component replacement is economically feasible. The Knoll pump has been recognized worldwide as the most wear resistance pump for high volume, high pressure machine tool coolant applications.

Raising the BarIn the areas of service, hygiene and dosing accuracy, the KNOLL MX has raised the bar thanks to a host of innovative detail solutions. MX Series Pumps gently convey low-viscosity, airtight media at a rate of 400 USGPM with a maximum pressure of 145 PSI, per pressure stage and are even suitable for plasticizing block goods. Their smooth delivery and linear characteristic curve allow for precision dosing, even under extreme pressure.
And, all materials meet or exceed FDA regulations and pump designs comply with EHEDG and 3-A guidelines.