Columbian Tectank

Liquid Storage and Holding Tanks

Columbian TecTank is a global leader in the design, manufacture and installation of factory coated storage tank systems.

Columbian has been in business since 1893 and have delivered over 150,000 tanks to hundreds of different applications in over 125 different countries around the world. Columbian TecTank produces only the highest quality custom-engineered factory coated bolted and factory welded storage tanks.

Proven Tank PerformanceColumbian Tectank has over 100 years of industry leadership providing tanks for thousands of customers on every continent in the world. With unmatched Quality and Design Columbian uses its proprietary epoxy coated tank systems designed by professional engineers dedicated to match specific project needs.

Epoxy Tank CoatingColumbian Tectank invested seven years of R&D to develop their own proprietary modified epoxy powder coating system, Trico-Bond EPĀ®. The coating is factory applied to give superior corrosion resistance and immersion performance.

Tank ValueThe Columbian TecTank storage systems provide the longest life, are easily transported to job sites and are erected faster than other tank systems. Columbian is committed to providing the best value in the business.